Learn how to be the best leader you can be as a busy nurse

This ebook is filled with quick tips and handy hints to help you in your role as a busy nurse leader. It was written out of a desire to help nurses who are working in a leadership role or who are new to a leadership role. You might be feeling overwhelmed and that you are not experienced or don’t know enough about leadership and don’t know who to ask for help. You might be struggling to leave work at work and always feeling that there is never enough time to finish the work let alone time for you. I have drawn on my international experience, knowledge and skills as a senior nurse leader to share with you some of the things that I have learnt and used in practice as a nurse leader.

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10 Strategies To Help You As A Nurse Leader

You will learn about

  • Knowing yourself as a leader
  • How to manage stress
  • How to rest and recharge
  • Managing your emotions
  • Create a sense of belonging with your team

Leaders Ask Questions

  • What can I do to help?
  • What are you up against? 
  • What are your concerns?

"The personal challenge for all of us lies in remembering, in the moment, to be vulnerable, as well as interested and available."

Amy Edmondson (The Fearless Organization)


“It was really helpful discussing and working through career goals and options available to me and formulating the start of a strategy to achieve those goals. I was feeling devalued in my current work situation, but Eva enabled me to recognise my strengths and uncover unique and exciting opportunities. I definitely feel more empowered to pursue a direction in my career that utilises and compliments the skills, experience and assets I have. Thank you, Eva."                                      

 - Leisa, Nurse -

Eva Storey

Two years ago the organisation that I worked for went through a financial restructuring. I was in a senior nursing role at the time doing a job that I loved. I went through a very difficult time both professionally and personally. I had always thought of myself as a resilient person but my resilience was tested to breaking point. I had coaching and it completely changed the way that I viewed what had happened and helped me to see that I could use my skills in a different way and still do a job that I love. I studied to become a professional coach and chose to specialise working with nurses and midwives, helping them through coaching. I am passionate about nursing leadership and making a difference for emerging nurse leaders. I teach leadership and I coach nurses and midwives because I know how busy and stressful it can be working as a nurse/midwife manager and because nurses need nurturing too.

Eva Storey Coaching
Perth, Australia